Drug Test Midwest Ambassador Visit


The Central St. Croix Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors visited one of our newest members, Drug Test Midwest, LLC, on April 30, 2015.

Now located on Cherry Lane in Roberts, owner Dustin Klanderman needed to open an office because the demand for his service has continued to grow and outgrow is home office.

More and more we see employers testing employees and potential employees for drug and alcohol use through urine tests. Klanderman offers other services as well, including hair follice testing, surface drug detection, instant on-site drug tests and ongoing random drug testing.

Employees using drugs is costing U.S. Businesses over $200 Billion dollars per year. Drug abusing employees:

  • Are 3 times more likely to be late
  • Are 2.5 times more likely to be absent for eight or more days/ year
  • Use 3 times the normal level of sick benefits
  • Are 5 times more likely to file workers compensation claims
  • Are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in accidents

Drug Test Midwest, LLC also offers pre-employment background checks, landlord rental applicant background checks, and child care employee background checks.   These types of searches include credit reports, employment verifications, residency verification, sex offender checks, and reference checks.

This type of testing helps reduce the likelihood of resident skips and evictions, decreases the cost of collections and lost rent, vacancy and resident damage. All of these lead to increased cash flow and less problems.

Klanderman says he works with many different size companies throughout Western Wisconsin. He is willing to travel to their location to conduct on-site training.

Visit the website at: www.drugtestmidwest.com